percussionist led robot who perform around the world

Who is Percuman

You’ve already seen « LED robots », you know, those people who walk into your nightclub in a lightsuit …and you’ve probably already seen a percussionist show…
Why not try a new experience, a subtle mix of both … and a bit more?
-With over 100 dates per year, PERCUMAN has been featured in nightclubs all over the world including France, Europe, USA, Thailand and many others.
-Innovative and pioneering, the PERCUMAN show with over 10 years experience, has established a new standard of performance, long before the influx of all these LED robots.
-Regularly praised for its original percussion set that harmoniously compliments the music, Percuman created this philosophy:
“I do not play ‘on’ music, I play ‘with’ music, by respecting it, and that changes everything.”
PERCUMAN is a talented percussionist and completely in a league of its own, with its electronic instrument that goes well beyond traditional percussion sounds (percussion, drums, samples, electronic sounds …) and with its visual identity with LED and lasers, which is simple and effective..


Percuman is also a part of the French American duo Skyzior

What is the show Skyzior

When an american singer meets a french performer…
Discover an atypical show mixing live singer, live remix, electronic percussion, visual show.
Controling the music with new generation of controlers, Skyzior propose a live performance really different.

Visit our Website : Skyzior


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